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Here’s an overview of some of the new features in Solr 6.2. Download Solr 6.2 to try these features out and give us feedback! You can also check out upcoming features of the next Solr release. Boolean Comparison Function Queries Function queries for comparisons of numeric arguments: gt – greater […]

Solr 6.2 Features

Lucene’s default ranking function uses factors such as tf, idf, and norm to help calculate relevancy scores. Solr has now exposed these factors as function queries. docfreq(field,term) returns the number of documents that contain the term in the field. termfreq(field,term) returns the number of times the term appears in the […]

Solr relevancy function queries

Solr 1.4 contains a new feature that allows range queries or range filters over arbitrary functions.  It’s implemented as a standard Solr QParser plugin, and thus easily available for use any place that accepts the standard Solr Query Syntax by specifying the frange query type.  Here’s an example of a […]

Ranges over Functions in Solr 1.4