What is the Facet Domain The domain of a facet is the set of values (normally defined by a set of documents) that calculations will be done over. The root domain is the set of documents that match the base query and any filters. Changing the Facet Domain For any […]

Facet Domains

NOTE: This uses syntax from the upcoming Solr 5.4 release. If you are using Solr 5.2 or 5.3, specify domain:{excludeTags:mytag} as excludeTags:mytag. Multi-Select Faceting with Solr Multi-select faceting is a powerful faceting style that allows users to see and select multiple facet constraints (facet values) for certain facets. This example […]

Multi-Select Faceting

Here’s an overview of some of the new features in Solr 5.2 Also see Solr download links and upcoming features of the next Solr release. Solr caches can be limited by memory use Caches using the LRUCache implementation can specify a new parameter maxRamMB that will evict based on RAM […]

Solr 5.2 Features