Solr 6.5 Features

Here’s an overview of some of the new features in Solr 6.5.
Download Solr 6.5 to try these features out and give us feedback!

This feature list was adapted from the release notes on the wiki:

Field Type related changes

  • PointFields (fixed-width multi-dimensional numeric & binary types enabling fast range search) are now supported
  • In-place updates to numeric docValues fields (single valued, non-stored, non-indexed) supported using atomic update syntax
  • A new LatLonPointSpatialField that uses points or doc values for query
  • It is now possible to declare a field as “large” in order to bypass the document cache


  • New sow=false request param (split-on-whitespace) for edismax & standard query parsers enables query-time multi-term synonyms
  • XML QueryParser (defType=xmlparser) now supports span queries


  • hl.maxAnalyzedChars now have consistent default across highlighters
  • UnifiedSolrHighlighter and PostingsSolrHighlighter now support CustomSeparatorBreakIterator

Streaming Expressions

  • Scoring formula is adjusted for the scoreNodes function
  • Calcite Planner now applies constant Reduction Rules to optimize plans
  • A new significantTerms Streaming Expression that is able to extract the significant terms in an index
  • StreamHandler is now able to use runtimeLib jars
  • Arithmetic operations are added to the SelectStream

Ease of use / Admin UI

  • Added modernized self-documenting /v2 API
  • The .system collection is now created on first request if it does not exist
  • Admin UI: Added shard deletion button


  • Metrics API now supports non-numeric metrics (version, disk type, component state, system properties…)
  • The disk free and aggregated disk free metrics are now reported
  • The DirectUpdateHandler2 now implements MetricsProducer and exposes stats via the metrics api and configured reporters.


  • BlockCache is faster due to less failures when caching a new block
  • MMapDirectoryFactory now supports “preload” option to ask mapped pages to be loaded into physical memory on init

Misc Changes

  • Security: BasicAuthPlugin now supports standalone mode
  • Arbitrary java system properties can be passed to zkcli
  • SolrHttpClientBuilder can be configured via java system property
  • Javadocs and Changes.html are no longer included in the binary distribution, but are hosted online

For more detailed lists with pointers to JIRA issues, see the HTML version of CHANGES.txt