native code

Solr 4.10 and Heliosearch .07 have added a terms query (or terms filter) to more efficiently match many terms in a single field. A large number of terms are often useful for things like access control lists or security filters. Previously, the only way to do this was a large […]

Solr Terms Query for matching many terms

Native code faceting for Solr has just been added to Heliosearch, and benchmarks show an impressive 2x performance increase! This is faceting code written in C++ and statically compiled for maximum performance, and loaded into the JVM via JNI (Java Native Interface). nCache, Heliosearch’s off-heap version of the Lucene/Solr FieldCache, […]

Native Code Faceting

Off-Heap Native Filters is the first feature we added to Heliosearch, a new open source project designed to bring Solr performance to the next level. Big JVM heaps can be Big Trouble JVMs have never been good at dealing with large heaps. Large heaps mean lots of garbage collection work, […]

Heliosearch/Solr Off-Heap Filters