What is the Facet Domain The domain of a facet is the set of values (normally defined by a set of documents) that calculations will be done over. The root domain is the set of documents that match the base query and any filters. Changing the Facet Domain For any […]

Facet Domains

NOTE: This uses syntax from the upcoming Solr 5.4 release. If you are using Solr 5.2 or 5.3, specify domain:{excludeTags:mytag} as excludeTags:mytag. Multi-Select Faceting with Solr Multi-select faceting is a powerful faceting style that allows users to see and select multiple facet constraints (facet values) for certain facets. This example […]

Multi-Select Faceting

Solr 4.10 and Heliosearch .07 have added a terms query (or terms filter) to more efficiently match many terms in a single field. A large number of terms are often useful for things like access control lists or security filters. Previously, the only way to do this was a large […]

Solr Terms Query for matching many terms

The filter caching features in Solr allow for precise control over how filter queries are handled in order to maximize performance. Solr has the ability to specify if a filter is cached, specify the order filters are evaluated, and specify post filtering. Solr Filter Queries Adding a filter expressed as […]

Solr Filter Caching

Heliosearch’s off-heap FieldCache was previously introduced and benchmarked for integer fields. Support for all numeric field types as well as string fields has now been completed, and this post will focus on the performance of string fields. A review of nCache (n is for “native”) features and goals: nCache has […]

Heliosearch/Solr Off-Heap FieldCache Performance

Off-Heap Native Filters is the first feature we added to Heliosearch, a new open source project designed to bring Solr performance to the next level. Big JVM heaps can be Big Trouble JVMs have never been good at dealing with large heaps. Large heaps mean lots of garbage collection work, […]

Heliosearch/Solr Off-Heap Filters