Whoaaaa, hold up a second! Solr 5.2 hasn’t even been released yet!

Solr 5.3 Features

A 100% accurate count of distinct values (count distinct) is not generally possible without actually observing all of the values together. However there are a number of ways to estimate the count. “unique” Facet Function The unique facet function is Solr’s fastest implementation to calculate the number of distinct values. […]

Count Distinct in Solr

Solr 5 Tutorial This tutorial is for Solr 5.1 and later. If you have Solr 4, check out the Solr 4 Tutorial. 1. Download Solr Download and unpack the latest Solr release from the Apache download mirrors. You may want to check out the Solr Prerequisites as well. 2. Start […]

Solr Tutorial

Introduction Facet Types Testing Using Curl Terms Facet Query Facet Range Facet Related page: Facet Functions Related page: Sub-Facets Introduction Solr 5.1 has a completely re-written faceted search module with a structured JSON API to control the faceting commands. NOTE: Some examples use syntax only supported in Solr 5.2! Download […]


NOTE: Some examples use syntax only supported in Solr 5.2! Download a Solr 5.2 snapshot to try them out. Subfacets (also called Nested Facets) is a more generalized form of Solr’s current pivot faceting that allows adding additional facets for every bucket produced by a parent facet. Subfacet advantages over […]

Solr Subfacets

NOTE: Some examples use syntax only supported in Solr 5.2! Download a Solr 5.2 snapshot to try them out. Traditional faceted search (also called guided navigation) involves counting search results that belong to categories (also called facet constraints). The new facet functions in Solr extends normal faceting by allowing additional […]

Solr Facet Functions and Analytics

Solr 5.1 has been released! Here’s an overview of how to use some of the new features. Also check out features of the next Solr release currently under development. New Facet Module The new facet module has a native JSON Facet API, first-class support for statistics and analytics via facet […]

Solr 5.1 Features

Here’s an overview of some of the new features that will be in Solr 5.2, the next version in the Solr 5 line (not yet released). Download a 5.2 developer snapshot to try these features out and give us feedback! Solr caches can be limited by memory use Caches using […]

Solr 5.2 Features

The percentile aggregation function was just added to the new Solr Facet Module. This allows one to calculate one or more percentiles for each facet bucket (i.e. each group of documents produced by faceting), and even sort facet buckets by any given percentile. The percentile aggregation even works with distributed […]

Percentiles for Solr Faceting

The Solr 5 Tutorial is Here Getting Started with Solr: a Simple Solr Tutorial Note: this tutorial is for Solr 4 1. Download Solr Download Apache Solr 4. You only need to download the single .ZIP or .TGZ file and extract it anywhere you like – no installation is required!! […]

Getting Started with Solr