What is the Facet Domain The domain of a facet is the set of values (normally defined by a set of documents) that calculations will be done over. The root domain is the set of documents that match the base query and any filters. Changing the Facet Domain For any […]

Facet Domains

NOTE: This uses syntax from the upcoming Solr 5.4 release. If you are using Solr 5.2 or 5.3, specify domain:{excludeTags:mytag} as excludeTags:mytag. Multi-Select Faceting with Solr Multi-select faceting is a powerful faceting style that allows users to see and select multiple facet constraints (facet values) for certain facets. This example […]

Multi-Select Faceting

Here’s an overview of some of the new features coming to Solr 6, the next major Solr release. Download a Solr 6 developer snapshot to try these features out and give us feedback! Parallel SQL Parallel SQL queries across SolrCloud collections. The SQL engine will be built on top of […]

Solr 6 Features

Here’s an overview of some of the new features in Solr 5.4, the next upcoming Solr release. Download a 5.4 developer snapshot to try these features out and give us feedback! filter() operator in lucene/solr query syntax A filter query retrieves a set of documents matching a query from the […]

Solr 5.4 Features

Solr Facet Performance These benchmarks compare the performance of the new JSON Facet API with it’s “performance-first” architecture, and the existing (legacy) Solr Facets. Test index details: documents: 5M index segments: 25 index size: 1.74GB 6 single valued string fields with 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 unique values respectively. […]

Facet & Analytics Performance

Nested Documents Nested Documents (also called Nested Objects) provides the ability to “nest” some documents inside of other documents in a parent/child relationship. Why Nested Documents One reason for using nested documents is to prevent false matches. For example, we may have a T-Shirt with 2 SKUs, a Large Red, […]

Nested Objects in Solr

Here’s an overview of some of the new features in Solr 5.3 Also see Solr Download Links and upcoming Features of the next Solr release. Faceting Nested Documents The JSON Facet API can now change the domain for facet commands, essentially doing a block join and moving from parents to […]

Solr 5.3 Features

A 100% accurate count of distinct values (count distinct) is not generally possible without actually observing all of the values together. However there are a number of ways to estimate the count. “unique” Facet Function The unique facet function is Solr’s fastest implementation to calculate the number of distinct values. […]

Count Distinct in Solr

Solr 5 Tutorial This tutorial is for Solr 5.3 and later. If you have Solr 4, check out the Solr 4 Tutorial. 1. Download Solr Download and unpack the latest Solr release from the Apache download mirrors. You may want to check out the Solr Prerequisites as well. 2. Start […]

Solr Tutorial

JSON Facet API Introduction Facet Types Testing Using Curl Terms Facet Query Facet Range Facet Common Parameters Related Pages Facet Functions Sub-Facets Multi-Select Faceting Nested Documents / Block Join Faceting Facet Performance Benchmarks Introduction Solr 5 has a completely re-written faceted search and analytics module with a structured JSON API […]